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If it was possible, we'd all have a stylist to do our hair at home every day! With the products we offer it's easy to take the salon service standard home with you, Take a look at the wide range we offer and feel free to ask in salon about what products would benefit your hair.

Our recomendations - 

K18 -  Perfect for coloured & heat damaged hair, specially formulated to Strengthen, repair, protect and hydrate throughout any chemical service. Can also be used as a stand alone treatment!

K18 Chelator - Removes mineral build up caused by hard water. Perfect for preping the hair for any chemical service. Restores vibrancy and clarifies the hair. 

Milkshake insta.light mirror shine -  Adds mirror shine & nourishes the hair. Perfect for a glossy, smooth & shiny finish. 

Milkshake Deep Cleanse - Great for removing product build up, dirt or exsess toner. Deep cleanse shampoo is applied and covered on the hair. Heat is then added to really exel the process.  

We have a wide range of hair care brands available in salon. We are constantly getting new and exciting products in, giving the stylists a chance to play around and also for clients to find a dream product that suits you!

We stock & use K18 as our main in-colour hair treatment, Also available as a stand alone treatment on all hair types.

What is K18? 

K18 is a leave-in treatment that counteracts damage. It uses patented peptide technology to restore broken keratin chains in strands to leave hair feeling softer, stronger and smoother. 

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